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Explainer videos for your customers

Explainer Videos featured on websites are used to drive conversions. This is achieved by featuring a short video that tells the customer how your businesses product or service functions in an intriguing way. Recent attention span statistics show that consumers now days possess on average 8 second attention span. This means that you only have a very short amount of time to grab someone’s attention when they land on your website.

An Explainer Video is a quick an easy way for a customer to get know your business better, and help keep their attention at the same time. As mentioned above you only have about 8 seconds to grab their attention, and continue to do so as the video goes on. A healthy mix of both visual and verbal cues is effective as everyone takes in information in different ways. It is imperative that the information that is presented is done so clearly and in a simple manner that is extremely easy to understand. Explainer videos need to be so simple in fact, that the dialogue and length should be kept to the minimum duration in order to be successful.

Internal training video

Internal training and presentation videos are an effective way teach and inspire new and existing employees in your business. Much time, cost and energy can be saved by having clear and easy to understand video that will improve knowledge retention and be replayed at any time. You don’t need someone to present a boring slideshow when you have a captivating video to hold the attention of your employees.

For even better results and measurable success combine training videos with eLearning platforms such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. If you’d like to know more about how this can be implemented in your company training then give us a call today on 1300 85 20 80 or get in touch.

External educational videos

Long instruction manuals and complicated products are a couple of good reasons why you should consider an instructional video for your clients. A great way for a customer to be a great advocate is when you make your great product or service easier to use and is up and running quickly.

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