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Welcome to BiziVidz!

Bizividz was founded on the principles of producing high quality and cost effective video production services for businesses in Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand. We have the capacity to produce a wide range of business and corporate video productions – Beginning with our basic packages for smaller businesses through to our tailored solutions for large corporate clients. We acknowledge that you have a business to run and that you don’t want to get bogged down in too many details. That’s why the Bizividz team is dedicated to ensuring that our video production process runs smoothly and is delivered on time with minimal fuss on your behalf.

We believe in delivering a high quality product that meets your expectations. You can trust Bizividz to produce a high quality product that’s delivered on time.

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression

It is said that it takes someone about three seconds to make a decision whether they want to do business with you – simply based on your appearance. The same can be said when a customers sees your business for the first time. Whether they’re looking at your website, sitting in your conference room or have stopped at your trade show stand, you only have small window of opportunity to grab their attention. An impressive video can make all the difference in making a lasting first impression.

Why use video in your business?

The use of video marketing in business has spread exponentially since the birth of major video sharing sites and social media. Video has the ability to grab someone’s attention and keep them focused on your business, by keeping them engaged and entertained.

At Bizividz we speak a lot about building credibility through video and how it’s a necessary component for any business operating today. Building credibility takes time to achieve, especially when you’re competing against larger brands or your market is flooded with competitors. Business videos have the power to create credibility through demonstrating that a) your business is active in the market, and b) your product or service is worthwhile purchasing.

Having video on your website enables your products and services to speak for themselves, keeping people on your website longer, building trust and ultimately leads and conversions.

Video marketing creates exposure

Getting exposure in today’s market is an ambitious task. Although video has the ability to clearly describe your product and services, it also has the capacity to go viral by being shared on social networks. A video that is entertaining as well as captivating is more likely to disperse and spread, rather than just a simple product video.

Using humour and storytelling in video is a great way to conjure emotion and helps people watching to associate your product or service with their situation. When you’re aiming for a video to go viral or be somewhat entertaining, these can be very powerful tools. If this is the plan then it needs to be done tastefully and be targeted to the correct demographic of clients that you serve. You also would want to ensure that the content of the video is relevant and delivers the right information about your business.

Short and sweet

The saying “less is more” couldn’t be more relevant than with video marketing. Keeping your videos around 1-2 minutes in duration is the recommended guideline for any sales and promotional type videos. Much longer, and you will loose your potential customers attention and they will close the video without hearing your full story. Think of video like the classic ‘elevator pitch’ – how would you describe your business if you only had 30 seconds to do it?

If you have a large range, you can always break video down into a series of shorter videos. This way you’ll be keeping your viewer from dozing off and losing interest. Doing this also has a great SEO benefit as well!